Athletic Facility Request Guidelines

Facility Request Forms

Approval of facility requests will be based upon the following general principles and procedures.

1. Any Clark group may request use of any of the athletic facilities when they are open or when they otherwise might be closed. Hours of operation, including breaks/vacations, can be found on the athletic web site. Hours are adjusted during breaks/vacations.

2. The general scheduling priority for use includes varsity teams, intramurals, recognized club sports, community events, previously scheduled group rentals, and open recreational hours. The schedule for the above will depend on the weather, the day and time of year.

3. Groups may request partial use of the facilities during open hours. Such requests will be granted based on the nature of the activity relative to available space.

4. If a group wishes to request use of a facility while the facility is open a member of the building proctoring staff will be on duty, acting in a supervisory capacity at all times. If a group wishes to request use of a facility while it is closed, a member of the athletic staff or someone approved by the athletic director must be on duty.

5. Any activity taking place in an athletic facility will be approved by the Facility Scheduling Coordinator, with the exception of the pool. Any activity taking place in the pool will be approved by the Aquatics Facility Director.

6. Once an event/activity has been approved, the contact person for the group will receive a confirmation letter and the event/activity will be listed on the master facility schedule, published weekly and posted in the building as well as on-line.

7. Equipment that is normally available to the Clark Community may also be requested.

8. The Athletic Director or the Associate Athletic Director has the ultimate discretion over all activities taking place at the athletic facilities.