Facility Policies and Procedures

Use of Clark University athletic and recreational facilities is reserved for our students, employees, alumni and their guests. Use requires a  valid Clark ID or Clark family pass and allows you one guest  who must remain with you at all times.  A member of the Clark community who is interested in hosting an event/game should contact the Athletic Department about available facility space.

Contact Facility Supervisors: Kneller Athletic Center / Bickman Fitness Center / Dolan Field House / Swimming Pool

Application for alumni membership to Clark Athletic Facilities

Application for staff/faculty family membership to Clark Athletic Facilities

See below for membership policies and information

GPS Addresses:

Kneller Ahletic Center: 57 Downing Street, Worcester, Mass., 01610
Dolan Field House/Granger Athletic Complex: 97 Beaver Street, Worcester, Mass., 01610
O'Brien Softball Field: 48 Rosslare Drive, Worcester, Mass. , 01610
Lake Quinsigamond, Donahue Rowing Center: 237 North Quinsigamond Avenue, Shrewsbury, Mass. 01545

Kneller Athletic Center

The multipurpose George F. Kneller Athletic Center is Clark’s primary athletic facility.  Located in the center of campus, the Kneller Athletic Center contains:  

  • Level 1 – racquetball (4)/squash courts (2); power weight room
  • Level 2 – swimming pool (6-lane, 25-yards); crew/varsity team weight room; men’s and women’s locker rooms; racquetball/squash court viewing area
  • Level 3 – fitness center; gymnasium (3 full-size courts); training room; equipment room; swimming pool viewing area; proctors’ desk; conference room/classroom; lobby and trophy cases; public restrooms
  • Level 4 – auxiliary gym; athletic department offices; conference room/classroom



Memberships for Clark athletic facilities are available to Clark students, faculty, staff, alumni, and employee spouse/domestic partner and dependents.  A yearly pass for spouse/domestic partner and dependents may be obtained by completing this form. To obtain these passes, you must have a current Clark identification card.  Dependents age 14 and older will receive their own pass.  Dependents under the age of 14 will not be given an individual pass and must be accompanied by a member at all times.  Spouse/domestic partner and dependents may be considered guests if not covered by a family membership. For Clark students, COPACE students, Clark faculty/staff and employee family members as defined above there is no membership fee.

Alumni memberships can be purchased for $150/individual membership or $250/family membership by completing this form.

For more information contact Katie Morrison at 508.793.7161 or KaMorrison@clarku.edu 


Using the Athletic Facilities

To use the facilities, you need to have a valid Clark ID or athletic facilities pass.  You may bring one guest with your ID or family pass.  Your guest must remain with you at all times and is expected to leave with you. Guests and children of Clark community members who are under the age of 14 must be accompanied at all times.  Children are not to be left unsupervised in any area of the building. Any items (inclusing IDs) left at the Proctor’s Desk at the end of the day will be taken to University Police.

 General Policies

  • Any accidents/injuries should be reported to the proctor immediately and an accident/injury report form filled out.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller blades and pets are not permitted inside any of the athletic facilities including the Kneller Athletic Center, Dolan Field House, Granger Athletic Fields and the O’Brien Softball Field.
  • Users of the facility are expected to provide their own equipment.
  • Eating and drinking are restricted to the lobby.  No food or drink (with the exception of plastic water bottles) is to be brought into the gym, the locker rooms, or any of the other athletic areas.
  • The Athletic Center is a smoke-free building.
  • Guests and children of Clark community members who are under the age of 14 must be accompanied at all times.  Children are not to be left unsupervised in any area of the building.
  • Children should use the locker rooms and bathrooms appropriate for their sex, located on the lower level.

Use of the facilities is considered a privilege.  Individuals not cooperating with established polices or Kneller staff members and proctors may have privileges revoked.

Gymnasium - View Hours
  • Three full-size courts for badminton, basketball, tennis, volleyball, area for baseball, field hockey, lacrosse, running, soccer, softball and other sports.
  • All participants must wear non-marking, athletic footwear.
  • In-season intercollegiate varsity teams have priority in the facility.  Please note that during inclement weather, the gym hours may be modified for team practices.

Swimming Pool - View Hours                                      

  • Six-lanes, 25 yards long.
  • Swimmers are expected to comply with the safety regulations posted in the pool and locker rooms.
  • No one should enter the pool with a skin infection, abrasion or other condition which makes swimming inadvisable.
  • Swimming caps are required for those with long hair.
  • Swimmers must shower prior to entering the pool.
  • Only bathing suits are allowed.
  • No shoes or street clothes permitted on deck at any time.

Multi-Purpose Rooms  - Kneller Schedule | Bickman Schedule (Multipurpose rooms are open the same as the building and fitness center when they are not reserved)

  • Complete with mirrors and barres.
  • Used for meetings, receptions, martial arts, and some dance activities.

Racquetball/Squash Courts  - View Hours (Same as gymnasium)

  • Non-marking balls must be used in all courts.
  • Safety glasses are required.
  • Shoes must have non-scuff soles.  No black soled shoes are permitted.
  • Only squash and racquetball are to be played in the courts.  Playing other sports in these courts must be cleared in advance through the athletic department x3832).
  • Courts can be reserved for one hour time blocks.
  • Reservations may be made in person (at the proctor’s desk in the lobby) one day in advance.


Locker Rooms and Lockers

There are men’s and women’s locker rooms in the Kneller Athletic Center along with a faculty-staff locker room and varsity team rooms.  The area in the general locker room is available for use by the Clark community.  Permanent lockers (limited availability) for faculty and staff are available on a lottery system.  For more information and to enter the lottery contact Katie Morrison at 508.793.7161 or KaMorrison@clarku.edu.  General day-use lockers are available for everyone.  You must provide your own lock and remove it when you leave each day.  Clark University is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.


Bickman Fitness Center

The following guidelines will help ensure a safe and cooperative operation of the Bickman Fitness Center

  • Everyone must leave a valid ID with the Fitness Center proctor upon entering the facility and fill out a liability waiver form annually.
  • We allow one guest  per ID.  The guest will be signed in by the Clark proctor and must also fill out a liability waiver form.  The guest must leave when the Clark person leaves.
  • Accidents/injuries must be reported to the Fitness Center proctor immediately and an accident/injury report form filled out. 
  • Shirts, sneakers and work-out clothing are to be worn at all times.  No jeans, please.
  • No glass is permitted.
  • Headphones must be used to listen to music.
  • A spotter should be used for free weights.
  • There is a 32-minute limit on the cardiovascular machines during busy periods.  Please use the waiting list if the machine is occupied.
  • Please re-rack the weights and wipe down the machines when finished.
  • Please remember we are not responsible for personal items or valuables.


User privileges are for Clark students, faculty, staff, family  members 17 years of age and older.  Family members include domestic partners and dependents (as defined by the Human Resources Employment Guideline Manual). You can obtain a facility membership pass for faculty/staff domestic partners or dependents or alumni by completing this form .

For more information contact Katie Morrison at 508.793.7161 or KaMorrison@clarku.edu


View Regular Hours

      Hours subject to change and may vary upon demand.    

      Summer hours posted at end of the spring semester.


Dolan Field House/Outdoor Facilities

Dolan Field House

  • Located on Beaver Street
  • 30,000 square feet including 16,000 square foot multi-purpose floor
  • 2 basketball courts, volleyball, badminton, tennis
  • Hours vary during holidays, breaks and vacations
  • Practice facility with locker rooms
  • Training room for outdoor teams
  • Intramural facility
  • Located on Beaver Street
  • Intercollegiate field hockey, lacrosse and baseball turf field with lights
  • Intercollegiate soccer/lacrosse turf field with lights
  • Field space for intramurals, clubs, and recreation
  • Located on Beaver Street
  • Six plexipave courts with lights
  • Used for intercollegiate practice and matches in fall and spring (generally 3-7pm)
  • Also available for intramurals and recreation
  • Located on Knowles Road (off June Street)
  • Home of Clark’s softball team
Lake Quinsigamond Boathouse –

Donahue Rowing Center

  • Shared boathouse of Worcester area colleges and universities
  • Generally available for intercollegiate use only
Directions to the Dolan Field House, Granger Athletic Fields, O’Brien Softball Field and Lake Quinsigamond Boathouse are available at the Kneller Athletic Center and on the athletic web site: www.clarkathletics.com