Men's Tennis Falls to Holy Cross

Men's Tennis Falls to Holy Cross
Clark Men's Tennis fell in their season opener to Worcester rival Holy Cross. While the Crusaders ultimately beat the Cougars 7-0, the score did not tell the full story of the match as coach Mickey Cahoon (13th year) and his team fought hard over the much improved Division 1 opponent. 
In Doubles, the Cougars played under Holy Cross' Division 1 rules, where doubles is worth only a single point, given to the team with the majority of the three matches. In this case Holy Cross swept Clark. 
At one doubles, Clark's junior Chris Ruebens and first year Dariy Vyhodtsev paired well in their first doubles pairing, despite ultimately being overpowered 6-2 by sophomores Will Chen and Alex Ruenhorst of Holy Cross.
At second doubles, Clark's junior Nick Mathieu and sophomore Max Schweitzer fought back well after initially being down 4-1, but ultimately lost 6-3 to Holy Cross' first year duo Will Kaiser and Connor Nelson
At 3rd doubles, Clark paired seniors Captain Alex Hattenbach and Jack Han, who traded service games with Holy Cross, until the Crusaders first year pair of Robert Hagan and Declan O' Flynn broke at 4-3, and ultimately won 6-3. 
In singles, the Cougars may not have won any matches, but that doesn't mean the matches were not close.
At 1st singles Mathieu lost 2-6, 5-7 Holy Cross' Chen. Despite being outmatched the first set, Mathieu's powerful serves and forehands lead to a closer second set, where Mathieu brought the set to 5-5, before ultimately ceding the final two games.
At 2nd singles, Ruebens lost to Kaiser 6-4, 2-6, 5-10. Ruebens used a flurry of powerful backhands and his strong lefty serve to disarm Kaiser in the first set, before the 3 star recruit first year from Holy Cross found his footing, and ultimately came back to win.
Schweitzer played 3rd singles for the Cougars, where he had a rematch with Ruenhorst from last fall. The Holy Cross sophomore won, despite Schweitzer's consistent rallies. Schweitzer lost 1-6, 1-6.
Vyhodtsev nearly won his first college singles match for the Cougars at 4th singles. After using his explosive down the line forehands, and overpowering HC's Connor Nelson at the net in the first set, Nelson proved himself in the 2nd set, and ultimately defeated Vyhodtsev. Vyhodstev lost 6-4, 1-6, 3-10
At 5th singles, Hattenbach lost 0-6, 0-6 to Holy Cross' Hagan.
Finally, at 6th singles Han went down quick 1-6 in the first set, but then fought back hard in the 2nd against HC's O'Flynn. Han's swings became more consistent with each game, leaving fans to wonder if Han may have won a third set, had one been played.
Clark will look to rebound next Saturday in their home opener against Curry College. Fans are encouraged to come and support the team as look to bring their record up to .500.